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System Management Solutions

At EF&I, we understand that high speed data, voice and video may be the service you sell or the system you rely on to make your business operate at peak efficiency. Regardless of whether you are a user or a seller of communications services, it’s the content and experience your customers receive that can make or break a business relationship. EF&I focuses on maintaining and optimizing of your network so that you can focus on the customer experience. Our team of professionals can customize a solution that fits your mission critical systems, minimizes cost and extends the life of your investment. Our solution can provide for and/or augment existing workforce in the following:

  • NOC Operations
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Demand Maintenance and 24x7 coverage
  • Auditing and Performance Optimization
  • System documentation and As-built
  • System evaluation and management consulting
  • Disaster Recovery