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With over 25 years of dependable service, EF&I Services Corp executes system requirements with speed, reliability, quality and cost control. EF&I Services Corp provides a variable cost solution so our customers can maintain the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Experience & Benefits:

  • Worldwide Telecommunications
  • Large Scale system Deployment
  • Project/Program Management Systems
    • Systems, Process and
  • Automated Engineering Systems
    • Systems Database Administration
  • Technical Writing
  • Training Course Development and
  • State of the Art Equipment Experience in:
    • Fiber Optic Technologies
    • Microwave PCS, WiFi and
      Land Mobile Systems
    • Data/ VoIP and IP ┬áSystems
    • Supervisory and Telemetry
    • Switching and DACS Systems


  • Franchise Management and Network Compliance
  • Quality Assurance and Auditing systems
  • Experts in Multiple Industry Standards
  • In-House Comprehensive Quality
    Assurance Program
  • Multi-Vendor Discount Programs
  • Project Cost Accounting Methods:
    • Trained and Qualified
      Consultants, Engineers, Installers
      and Technicians
    • Sub-Contractor/Vendor
      Negotiations and Management
    • Full time Permanent Employees
    • Full Service, Variable Cost,
      Single-Point of Contact Provider