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Engineering and Operations Subject Matter Expert: Systems, Process and Organization

Our staff of Subject Matter Experts have current experience and knowledge of the various systems, processes and organizational structures used by leading telecom/video providers in today's business arena. With our knowledge of the business and while intently listening and understanding our client's needs, we work as partners to help our clients create comprehensive, integrated business solutions.

Telecom SystemsTrunk Integrated Record Keeping System (TIRKS)
Central Office Equipment Property (COEP)
Work Force Administration (WFA)
HiCap Order Systems

E2E Process and Efficiency: Organizational Design and Implementation:
Engineering: CO and OSP
OSP Construction and Maintenance: Field and Control Center
Network Operations: Field and Operations Center
Business Support: Metrics, Dashboards, Analysis/Recommendations, Auditing and Quality Control

Staff and Administrative Support:
Data Entry and Migration
Reports and Data Collection


EFI has been instrumental in recruiting the critical  TIRKS SME’s we needed to perform the following tasks:

Pre Migration

  • User testing
  • Data dry run and validations
  • Training (Face to Face and Writing of M&P's, sheet cheats and Job aids)

Post Migration

  • Help desk support
  • System access
  • Trouble shooting
  • Production backload
  • Migration error clean up

"EFI has been very effective in its support of our project, and we are very satisfied with its performance." ~ Emilio Jorge DeJesus, Verizon Senior Engineer-Network Engineering