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Large Utility Construction Company

Project Challenge:
A large Utility Construction company, who  owns and maintains a large metropolitan conduit system, asked EF&I Services Corp to complete a study of their conduit business billable work order close-out process to identify opportunities to improve work order process efficiencies and reduce end-end cycle time.

EF&I Solution:
EF&I Services strategy was to complete a holistic review of the client’s  business model as well as analyze comparable industry business practices for “fellow” utility companies and companies “outside” the utility spectrum.  EF&I conducted an Industry Benchmark Study followed by an in-depth study of the client’s organizational structure, roles and responsibilities as well the work order Field/Center processes and systems.

  1. Industry Benchmark Study
    • Interviewed and analyzed comparable gas/electric utility companies as well as construction companies.
    • Study included organizational structure/roles and responsibilities, processes, system and  metrics.
  2. Review:  Organization, Process, System, Metrics, Reports
    • Interviewed Field, Center and Billing personnel regarding roles/responsibilities, “roadblocks” and personnel recommendations.   
    • Process: Analyzed work order close-out process and documented workflow mappings
    • Systems: Reviewed and analyzed the client’s systems. Systems included construction and billing both internal to the client as well as cross-functional.
    • Metrics and Reports: Reviewed the client’s metrics and reports at the manager through executive level.
  3. Deliverables:
    • Industry Benchmark Study
    • Workflow Mapping(s)
    • Recommendations for the client’s organization/roles/responsibilities, process, system, metrics and reporting.

Project Outcome:
The client has reviewed and accepted EF&I Services’ recommendations for their consideration for their 2015 Business Plan.