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EF&I Services Corp specializes in complete Network Consulting, Planning, Engineering, Installation and Maintenance solutions for communications systems. We are a team of experts dedicated to providing specialized services to companies which want the latest and the best in Video, IP, and TDM based networks. Our capabilities have been acquired through management's years of worldwide experience on major projects in such areas as the United States, Middle East, South-East Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.


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EF&I Services Corp was founded by O'Neal Sutton in 1982 following a lengthy career with GTE Lenkurt as General Manager.

EF&I Services initially concentrated on the transmission engineering and installation disciplines but rapidly expanded into a recognized provider of a full array of professional, technical and turnkey services for the telecommunications industry. EF&I Headquarters is in Tampa, Florida with regional offices located in Santa Clara, CA; Atlanta, GA.; and Carrollton, TX.

Our key people are experienced industry professionals that are experts in all aspects of system consulting, planning implementation and management. When we are asked to manage a complex system through all the stages of planning, engineering, procurement, installation, testing, training and maintenance, EF&I Services Corp can assemble a "Turn-key" solutions guaranteed to meet your system requirements. In addition, our Professional service solutions can provide vital expertise to enhance your business and maintain your competitive edge.

EF&I Services Corp management and staff gained their experience and expertise while working for such major communications service providers as GTE, AT&T, Alcatel, Rockwell, Southern Bell, Pacific Bell, Nynex, Verizon, Automatic Electric, Siemens, Western Electric, ITT, and Sprint. This diverse background gives EF&I the knowledge and experience necessary to provide our customers with the quality they demand efficiently and economically.

EF&I is organized as a very flexible organization. PROJECT TEAMS are organized specifically to meet the individual project requirements. All factors are considered when assembling the team, with our objective to maximize efficiency and minimize conflicts.

EF&I Services Corp has hundreds of employees operating nationwide, providing services for many of the largest communications service providers in the world.

EF&I maintains certifications as a provider of both engineering and installation services for most major U.S. Carriers, as well as various OEM’s and Utility/Industrial Firms.